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Testimonial : Tammy McPhillips

Back in the spring 2013, at the age if 38, I started my weight loss journey. I just eliminated pop from my diet and began walking/running in the park by my house. I was 325 pounds. I lost 25 pounds in 1 month. Then I walked into my first CrossFit Box. That is where I met David. He wasn’t a Coach there, but I grew to respect his opinion and advice about fitness and fitness related injuries.

I spent my first 6 months of my journey at this Crossfit Box learning about myself. I changed Boxes but still kept in touch with David. The first year and a half of my journey I lost 80 pounds. Then I found out that I had thyroid cancer. This has slowed my journey and I struggle with loosing weight. When my Crossfit Coach decided to close her doors I knew where I was going to go. I had to go to CrossFit Teneo because that was where David was. Since then, under David’s coaching all of my weightlifting numbers have significantly increased. For example, my dead lift has increased by 75lbs and my back squat has increased by 30lbs.

Yes I got stronger but technique plays a vital role in being able to increase how much weight one can lift. David also suffers from thyroid disease so he understands that my body isn’t like normal clients. He’s patient with my weight loss process and has always been there to help me with nutrition.

He’s been my rock in so many ways through these last 4 years. He has a way of explaining things from nutrition to weight lifting that just make sense. I thought I’d never complete in anything sport related, but just last year David encouraged me to do my first CrossFit team competition, and this past weekend I just competed in my first ever weightlifting competition! David was there too, coaching AND competing along side all of his clients, his athletes, and his friends! Thank you David!

– Tammy McPhillips