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Testimonial : Melanie Hardy

A few years ago I stepped in to a CrossFit box to support a friend’s new business. I was not interested in CrossFit, but as a runner, I knew I needed some type of cross-training. There was a boot camp option, no barbell – I was all over it.

Fast forward several months, I’d been sidelined with an injury and away from the box when I learned of a coaching change. It was time to go back and try the new programming, which now included strength training and Olympic lifting … barbell work. Oh dear.

Enter David Kolton. I think I left the first day having worked my brain as much, or more, than my muscles. He knows his stuff. There was never an instruction given without a how, or a why. David’s knowledge and passion for his work is always evident. His style has built a trust that has allowed me to grow both physically and mentally.

At 45 years old, I’m able to do things I never thought possible and the strength and Olympic lifting … is now my favorite part of the day.

– Melanie Hardy