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Testimonial : Lauren Pietersen

I started nutrition coaching with David in June 2016, and despite all of my previous deep knowledge of nutrition, his program has absolutely been the key that has unlocked my health potential. I have lost 15lbs to date and am slowly, steadily (sustainably!) losing more. My blood pressure, cholesterol and other health markers are all perfect now (and I have a very happy doctor). Unlike other programs that focus on what to eat, David’s program focuses on sustainable, sane habits, evaluating why we eat, when we eat, and how we eat, leaving the what up to me. The program is long-term, high value for the very reasonable price, and worth every penny.

In addition to the nutrition program and coaching, I have been a personal training client of David’s for over three years. David has taught me how to safely progress my olympic and power lifts, he has coached me successfully in competitions, and teaches awesome small group or one-on-one personal training sessions. His sessions are a mix of fun, seriousness, and targeted work based on individual goals. Whether you want to get faster, stronger, leaner, or just have sexy arms, David will help you achieve those goals. His decades of experience working with clients is evident in his safe, goal-oriented, personal training programs.

– Lauren Pietersen