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Testimonial : Lauren Gardner Nacy

I met David Kolton at Lifetime fitness when I sought out a personal trainer to tone up before my upcoming wedding.

It was January 2013 and I had just over 6 months to get into shape. Prior to that (pretty much since the summer of 2012) I’d been feeling quite chunky I’d been teaching for only a year and out of my usual fitness routine. I was a collegiate athlete that was used to routine workouts. However, work got in the way and I’d gotten off course. I was interested in weight loss, but really just getting my muscle tone back!

Right away I loved David’s training style.  Along with being professional and encouraging, David was a lot of fun! I committed to several one-on- one sessions per month and up to three group fitness sessions a week. David was always mixing it up with challenging circuits. I found it to be a great mix between strength training, agility, and cardio. I could tell that David was always continuing his learning about fitness –especially when we were diving right into something new the next session! My favorite days were a mix of cardio & circuit training. Quarter mile bursts mixed with TRX, free-weights, burpees, and my favorite: viper kick flips! In the spring the small group would migrate outside for training session. It really took our training to the next level with more challenging training. We would use chalk on the sidewalks to track out reps. A friendly competition between the group no doubt!

In just 4 months I had dropped from a size 6-8 to a size 4 in my waist. Also I lost fat in my arms, back, and legs. Most importantly, I felt great! By then I looked incredible for my bridal shower and bachelorette party. With 2 months to go until the wedding I looked to David to step up my workouts even more. I continued to tone and looked the best I had since my collegiate golf days. A perfect mix of femininity and muscularity!

The best thing about training with David is his willingness to challenge you, while leaving you wanting to come back for more. I hear of some people dropping their workouts because they are either too challenging, or too boring/monotonous. You won’t get this training with David Kolton! He tailors a fitness routine to each individual, which delivers results that keeps you motivated toward continuous self-improvement!

– Lauren Gardner Nacy