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Testimonial : Krisztina Kiss-Mchaud

In my late 30’s I was “addicted” to exercise of any type, I worked out 3-4 hours a day. Then I got married and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia syndrome (chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep problems, and painful trigger points). Suddenly everything changed, but mostly I changed.

I was not motivated enough to workout as much. As a matter of fact, less and less. Even though I knew exercise helps with the pain or to manage the level of pain, I did not have enough energy to get myself to the gym. I started to gain weight and it was not muscle. I am 5 feet, so 5 lbs is visible on a short person and 10 lbs is a couple of dress sizes. I was miserable! I decided this has to stop and forced myself to go back to the gym. It was hard but I tried to push myself. Unfortunately, I did not see any results and no trainer could help me so I quite again.

A year later, less than 3 months ago (now I am over 44yrs old) someone convinced me to try CrossFit (David coaches mornings at the Box I go to). I was skeptical and very hesitant. Previously I had no luck with trainers so I walked into the CrossFit box thinking 1 month and I will be out of here. This is where I met Coach David.

David loves his job and he wants to help people to become fit, healthy and better athletes. He is funny, confident and knowledgeable. He takes time to get to know his athletes and knows how to motivate them. David knows how to teach and coach everyone. Even when we have a group of people he coaches everybody regardless of their level of ability. He does not criticize but definitely corrects. He demonstrates and explains the “do’s” and “don’ts”.

Because he knows me, he knows how far he can push me. Honestly, I like to be pushed and challenged and he knows how to do that. I love his “coaching style”. He certainly helped me to improve my form and technique. I feel better since he has been coaching me, I have more energy and I feel more fit. I’m always looking forward to the next day to learn a new technique or just improve.

Because of David, I discovered that I can do much more than I thought. Age is just a number!

– Krisztina Kiss-Mchaud