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Testimonial : Jim & Leslie Ellis

“Hey, it’s good to see you guys again, you look great!” This is how friends we haven’t seen in a while greet us. It’s quickly followed by, “No, I mean it, you guys look really good! HOW DO YOU DO IT?” That’s when we tell them about David. My husband and I are in our mid-fifties, 55 and 54 to be exact, and most people are surprised to hear our ages. But we wouldn’t look and feel as good as we do without David’s help.

We were on our way down the road that most people take. You know, the one where you just keep adding a few pounds every other month. You keep buying larger clothes, and you keep doing less and less because, between work and your family, you’re tired all the time. We finally took a good look in the mirror and got to work losing a total of 90 pounds between us by counting points. After moving back to Michigan four years ago and gaining most of the weight back again, we decided we needed to do something different.

We started counting points again, which didn’t seem to be working as well as before, and I decided to take up running. Unfortunately, I fell and messed up my knees. After I saw a physical therapist for 4 – 5 weeks (and spent several hundred dollars) I still had a lot of pain in my knees. So we decided to join a gym. In February of 2012, we were evaluated by David (overweight, out of shape, inflexible, etc.) and that was the beginning of a wonderful journey.

We got started on our way to a healthier, more fit life. David is great at setting a pace for us that is challenging, but not impossible. We no longer count points or follow a diet. We took a grocery store tour that showed us how to choose healthy foods. By working with David twice a week, we lost those 90 pounds (again!) in about 90 days. My knees stopped hurting after the third week. Jim had arthroscopic surgery on his knee in October 2013, and was back in the gym the next week – working out.

You might wonder why we continue to work with David after losing the weight. It’s not about the weight, or the diet, it’s about how we feel. We’re stronger and healthier now than we’ve ever been and we have more energy to do the things we want to do. After 30 years, I’m off my heartburn medicine as well as my asthma medication. Jim is off his cholesterol medicine. We could never challenge ourselves like David works us. He’s sensitive to what’s going on in our lives away from the gym. He adjusts our workouts, if necessary, if we’re having a bad day. It’s nice to know that he realizes people live in the “real world.” David is an extremely positive person who is very knowledgeable concerning both exercise and diet – what it takes to be healthy! He keeps in touch outside the gym several times a week, following up on hard workouts or just asking how things are going in our lives. He’s become a great friend whose concern in genuine.

Finally, we’ve been able to do all kinds of things in the gym that we would never have done on our own. Flip big tires, lift heavy weights, even do a little boxing. The fun part is working in groups with other people who want to be in the best shape of their lives. They always look at us like, you’re really in your fifties? Thanks to David – YES WE ARE!!!

– Jim & Leslie Ellis