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Testimonial : Jackie Sinishtaj

As an athletic individual, I crave new programs and workout regimens that are outside of my boundaries and comfort zone. My engagement and experience with David Kolton was aimed to get me in the best shape. I, like many, created my own workout regimens but found that something was missing. The missing piece was the intensity and efficiency of my own program. That is why I sought David. The program he created focused on balance, strength, and stamina. It was progressive, definitely challenging, and fun. I was immediately seeing results and was becoming the best version of me. I was toned, fit, and doing movements I never thought I could do. I was performing at a fitness level comparable to professional athletes. I looked forward to training with David because of the immediate results and the challenges his training program provided.

What I appreciate most about working with David is his passion for personal training and the type of relationship he builds with his clients. The relationship is caring and genuine much like a mentor by truly caring about the overall health of his clients. He brings his experiences and expertise into every movement. He is a teacher, and a coach ensuring that proper form is executed every time. Not only will he show you how to do the movement, but he will explain the mechanics of the human body and the different muscles involved in each movement. I was intrigued by this knowledge and also the broad knowledge in other fields such as nutrition. This knowledge was something I never saw in other trainers. David understands clients’ needs and builds up the weaknesses with the strengths. He knows how to utilize a wide variety of equipment and creates movement combinations that will deliver results. He believes in you and your ability to push yourself to higher limits. Most importantly he is a coach that guides you to become a healthy, fit and overall better individual.

I continue to work with David because I reach new boundaries and I’m impressed with my own abilities to increase my fitness level. Even though the training program is intense, rigorous, and challenging, it is extremely fun. The environment he fosters enables your ability to become the best version of you. I’ve worked with many personal trainers and tried many different programs but nothing is comparable to David’s style. David provides a wealth of knowledge in all elements of personal training and a style that complements any fitness level. I choose David Kolton because he believes in me and my ability to reach new limits and surpass my goals.

– Jackie Sinishtaj