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Testimonial : Becky Husken

July 2015 I had hit a slump in my workouts and felt like I needed something different. I had an injury for a while and had surgery to correct it in January. I was trying to bounce back, but was struggling with boredom. I had put on some weight and was the heaviest I have ever been. I wanted to get back to my old self.

I walked into the gym and met David Kolton for the first time. He was so welcoming, so knowledgeable, and so encouraging. David always stressed to do your best and really stressed form to avoid injury. Not only did David help me with the workouts, he also helped me with nutrition.

Since working with David I have lost over 30 pounds! I now have the tools I need to get back to where I was. I am a better person overall than I was when I walked in that July morning. I have gained self-confidence, feel better all around, and have found something I really enjoy doing. David is not only a trainer, he has also become a very good friend. David truly cares about the members and wants to help all achieve their goals.

– Becky Husken