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“I was intrigued by this knowledge and also his broad knowledge in other fields such as nutrition. This knowledge was something I never saw in other trainers. David understands clients’ needs and builds up the weaknesses with the strengths. He believes in you and your ability to push yourself to higher limits. Most importantly he is a coach that guides you to become a healthy, fit and overall better individual.”
Jackie Sinishtaj

MBH Nutrition Coaching

Simple and easy to follow advice from a Certified Nutritionist will allow you to create you own delicious meals while you lose weight, burn fat, and tone up. Weekly check ins will provide you with your customized caloric goal for the week as well as the macro guidelines necessary to hit your goal. Weekly assessments will keep you on track. MBH Nutrition Coaching is the perfect fit for those who already have the proper nutrition habits and are just looking for tweaking of their diet and/or looking for accountability.

  • Macro’s will be adjusted as needed
  • Weight/Calorie Tracking
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Starting at $99/month

I’m ready what’s next?

  • Click the “Get Started Now” button and complete the form
  • Once submitted, you’ll be directed via e-mail to a payment page where you will sign-up for the program
  • You will receive a questionnaire to complete for your coach

Your coach will:

  • Provide instructions on how to take & send your “before” photos
  • Record and save your weekly measurements and photos
  • Provide you with your calories / macros for the week
  • Give you Exclusive access to the Making Better Humans Nutrition private Facebook Group

When do I start?

All new nutrition clients begin their programs on Saturdays to ensure you have ample time to food prep over the weekend. If you join after Wednesday you will begin the following Saturday.

What equipment will I need?

Until you are able to eyeball correct serving sizes you will probably want to pick up an inexpensive food scale. If you don’t already have a bathroom scale you will need one of those as well. A seamstress measuring tape for sending your coaches measurements when asked. You will also want to purchase at least 12 food containers for meal prepping.


MBH Nutrition365

Not sure where to start? Why is water important? What the heck is a Macro anyway? If these are some of the questions you have regarding nutrition, or you don’t have a clue where to start,  then this is definitely the plan for you. You will learn how to establish new successful nutrition habits without the crutch of a meal plan. For the next 365 days you will be provided with something to do almost every single day utilizing Precision Nutrition’s  ProCoach software which has helped over 45,000 people just like you. We will be your coach. We’ve done the program ourselves. It will take time to establish new habits but you will learn as you go. Think of it as Nutrition made easy! (This program is meant for clients looking to lose weight, not athletes.)

  • Structured 12-Month Program
  • Daily Nutrition Habits to Follow
  • Informative Daily Nutrition Lessons to Complete
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Starting at $99/month


Are you ready to Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Build Muscle or just looking to live a Healthy Lifestyle? Train 1-on-1, with friends,
or online and after your first session you’ll understand why our clients look forward to training every day! 
Isn’t it time for your success story?