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Why Making Better Humans?

Many gyms, fitness services or programs offer solutions that only address PART of your health equation. They get you in the door but don’t give you a direction or many times, even when you become active if they are not informing you on how to eat to support your goals, you are setting yourself up for failure. Quite simply, some put the dollar before the client.

Making Better Humans (MBH) takes into consideration every aspect necessary for you to achieve your goals. MBH provides nutritional counseling, emotional and motivational support as well as solid, science-based fitness programs created for your individual needs. With a desire to see you succeed driving us in all we do, you can be confident we are just as invested in you, as you are with us!

“He definitely challenged me with a lot of different things I had never done previously but with his continued positive feedback and encouragement I was able to push through mental and physical barriers I once thought were impossible. It was an incredibly positive experience! I wholeheartedly recommend Dave to anyone who is trying to become healthier and fitter! He’s the real deal!”
Mirela Halilovic

Meet Your Coach David Kolton

I enjoy helping people reach their goals and know that they are healthier and fitter for it! As an avid learner, I enjoy taking classes and actively participate in continuing education seminars on a regular basis. This ensures I’m among the “best of the best” when it comes to helping my clients achieve their goals. Having a background in both Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement gives me the knowledge on how to properly scale exercises up or down depending on the client’s need which is extremely important in both producing results and minimizing injury.

There is nothing more rewarding than having a client achieve something they thought previously unattainable. The surge of confidence and personal satisfaction they find for themselves is truly incredible! I am honored and humbled to be a part of the process each and every time!

My Life in a Paragraph

Health & Fitness has been a part of my life for the last thirty years and has been the driving force behind everything I do and all that I am about. I truly believe that preventative care and maintenance of the body through physical conditioning and proper eating is the unequivocal key to enjoying a full, healthy, and happy life.

I knew early on this lifestyle was vital for me and soon discovered my true niche was in helping other people realize their goals in health and fitness as well. I decided to shelve my formal education and went back to school to receive my first personal training certification. I obtained a position at a big box chain and soon became a Master trainer, was promoted to management, and began training other trainers as well as my clients! After eight years of developing my skills and my unique system of programming, it was time to start my own company.

Athletic Background

I was a wrestler in high school but found my true passion in the weight room where in my senior year I set a bench press record which still stands to this day. In my 20’s I focused on building strength and dabbled in bodybuilding, in my 30’s I trained for marathons, raced in tons of 5k and 10k races, and even completed a triathlon. Now in my 40’s I spend more time working on my flexibility, nutrition,  and my quality of life only to find myself stronger and fitter than I have ever been!


Formal Education

Masters in Political & Justice Studies
Bachelor in Criminal Justice

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Personal Trainer
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Performance Enhancement Specialist
Balance Training
Cardio for Performance
Core Training
Neuromuscular Stretching
Prenatal Client
Reactive Training
Resistance Training

Professional Certifications

Precision Nutrition | Certified Nutritionist
USA Weightlifting | Level 1 Coach
USA Weightlifting | Level 2 Coach
USA Weightlifting | Club Level Coach
SafeSport | Certified
Kettlebell | L-1 Certified Instructor
Crossfit | Level 1 Trainer
American Heart Association | CPR & AED


Are you ready to Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Build Muscle or just looking to live a Healthy Lifestyle? Train 1-on-1, with friends,
or online and after your first session you’ll understand why our clients look forward to training every day! 
Isn’t it time for your success story?